Fire Cupping


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Cupping can be beneficial for anyone with joint,  muscle pain and tension, headaches, frequent colds and flus. It is a good alternative to acupuncture for those with an aversion to needles. It is also  ideal for those who are not getting the relief they need from massage alone. 

What  is Cupping?                                                    

Cupping is a therapy where glass or plastic cups are suctioned onto the skins surface through negative pressure. The suction and negative pressure stimulates the lymphatic system to drain excessive fluids and  toxin. It then pulls fresh blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. It helps to loosen adhesions and stubborn knots in muscle and myofascial tissue and stimulates the nervous system.

What Areas Can Cupping be used on?         

Cupping is most commonly used on the back because this is the most common area for pain and tension. However cupping can be done anywhere a suction can be achieved. It works well in relieving pain of  the shoulders, neck, hip's,  gluteus, legs and feet.

What does cupping feel like?                  

With Stagnant Cupping you will experience a pulling sensation.  Sliding Cupping feels similar to massage, the pressure varying depending on the amount of suction and how the cup is being manipulated. With sliding cupping you can often get the results of a deep tissue massage with less discomfort and less time. Clients often report that the release from sliding cupping last longer and is faster than regular therapeutic massage. 


Cupping therapy is over 5000 years old. It first began in China using cattle horns. Fire was ignited to create a negative pressure inside the horn to expel pus and blood to treat boils. Through the last several thousand years clinical experience has found cupping to be a successful treatment for a variety of conditions including pain syndromes, asthma, common colds, digestive diseases and skin conditions


Cupping is very similar on the muscles as a deep tissue massage.  The pulling force of  the suction  places a stretch on the muscle  when massaged  with a cup.  It elongates  the muscle and  helps break down adhesions in the tissue.  This intern  increase  circulation  and  blood  flow to decrease  pain.


Cupping commonly leaves marks on the skin that vary in pattern & color (from  light red to dark purple). These marks usually last from  3 to 14 days.  the marks are commonly referred to as "Bruising" because of how the look. However it is dead static blood,  lymph, cellular debris, pathogenic factor  and  toxins that are being released from the deeper  muscle tissue layer  and brought to the surface of the skin.


Recommendations for treatment: Cupping massage can be used 1 - 2 times a week when clients are first introduced to cupping  treatments  for a specific condition . It is recommended  to come for a 30 min session 1 time a week for the first 4 weeks. Then spread  the  treatments  out to 2 times a week . If the client is responding well to the treatment. eventually the client will only need 1 treatment a month to feel the benefits.


The goal of cupping is to activate the body's self-healing. The suction from the cups creates negative pressure. Which cause strong irritation to the area. This activates the bodies local and general healing powers, creating a anti-inflammatory effect which in turn supports rapid recovery from any disease caused by inflammation.    This is stimulates the lymphatic system, increases blood flow to the muscles and skin to loosen adhesions. The increase in circulation to the area allows for a faster elimination of pain causing substances and as a result pain is reduced.

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