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Hello, my name is Miranda.  For my entire life I have known that I was supposed to work with my hands. I've worked as a Mechanic for a few years and I truly enjoyed that. I also have a background in renovations; there was something rewarding to my past jobs of taking something that was "Broken" and fixing to give it life again. But the personal rewards were short lived. As I damaged my own body in my past jobs I was in constant need of pain relief. That's when I was introduced to Massage. I've always admired the healing touch of massage therapy and appreciate them for "fixing" me.  
I gave up my past jobs to become a full time mom, I have 3 kids, my son who is 18, and a big help to me and his little sisters. Without his help I would have struggled to continue with my schooling. My girls are 7 & 4, and they sure make things interesting from day to day. We're a pretty close little family and I'm thankful every day on how happy we are. 

As I was enjoying my time as a full-time mom I realized my true calling. It was to help people. I wanted to help people heal and feel better and live with less pain. So I took it upon myself to find a school that was right for me and my life.                                                                                                                                   

I have completed my 300 hours of training at Makami College in February 2018.

I believe that massage therapy can enhance an individual's overall sense of well being and improve their quality of life. My experience with patients has shown me that massage is beneficial as a preventative measure against many problems such as stress-related conditions, tension and repetitive strain. I have experience with various repetitive injuries, like plantars fasciitis , and tendinitis.  Postural imbalances and stress-related conditions such as migraine, headaches and chronic tension.  I use Swedish Massage as a base treatment and incorporate a variety of techniques to tailor the treatment to the individual patient. 

I'm looking forward to my new path in life and I'm looking forward to meeting my new clients.