My name is Edilene, I'm from Brazil and I have been here in AB, Canada for 7 years. I'm married to a great Canadian man who has been my support and partner.  I'm a graduate of Makami College with over 3,000 hours of training n education in Massage Therapy. ( Feb 2018)

My passion has always been to help people with their needs and to understand a little of their feelings. In order to make them healthier and to help get them to know themselves. But above all, I want to know myself better. I had the opportunity to become a psychologist in 2007 and specialize in psychology of hospital subjectivity. 2008 During my studies that I started in 2001 I had to stop because my mother became very sick and passed away. During this time I was with her in the hospital and I discovered how it could be useful for other patients who needed comfort.

My passion for psychology increased I managed to go through my mourning with more wisdom, with much pain, but knowing how to deal with it. When I moved to Canada I felt a little lost in what to do, since English is not my first language and I would have to start all over again. I thought all the time as to the continuity of my passion. I never liked sitting in a desk or doing anything that did not make me happy. But like most immigrants, you have to work on something to survive, so I started working at a local  hotel.

Four years later I took a new turn in my life, I went to study English to learn a new profession. To motivate myself with the same passion I have for psychology that I could touch people, their emotions or well being even if it was not for the same vies of psychology but alleviate their pains, emotions. The first thing that came to mind, was to be a massage therapist. I've always liked to give  massages to my mother, friends and I also received massages in a spa.  So I remembered how good it was to feel relief from the aches and to reduce the stress.

Today I know that I love what I'm doing with the same passion that I have for psychology.  Every time I see a satisfied client with a smile, that motivates me to want to learn more and more each day to serve them better. With respect, ethics and responsiveness.