My name is Owen, I am a first year student going into second year at Makami college. I'm pursuing a 3000 hour diploma in Massage therapy.I am very passionate about Massage and all its benefits...but, before I get into that let me give you a synopsis into my background; I am from on a little island in the sun surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, called:Jamaica, some people call it paradise.Tourists from all over the globe visit our shores...because of it lush vegetation, breathtaking rivers and waterfalls, beautiful beaches and brilliant sunshine... to enjoy the scenery and of course the warmth and vibes of the people.

I was born in the parish of Hanover and grew up in Westmoreland Negril, the tourist capital; me and my three siblings of which I am the third. I attended and graduated Negril All Age and Grange Hill High school. I also went on to do a few extra curricular activities at Vision Makers World-reach and Caribbean school of business. I have worked in the restaurant service and customer service industries for many years. I worked at Mo-Bay Proper Sport Bar & Grill as a server and I have also worked at Bryan's Book Stores Ltd as a customer service representative.
I arrived in Canada June, 2012 on a two year contract as a food counter attendant got promoted to trainer and shortly after that supervisor in training. 

Fast forward into 2016, I decided that I need to make some gastric changes in my life and so I asked myself how can I do what makes me happy while helping others as well, so I enrolled in Makami college and I have been pressing onward ever since. I have learnt and developed various skills and techniques throughout the course such as... body posture, mechanics, movement and balance...relaxation Massage, deep tissue, herbal compressed, foot scrub and hot stone massage on the list goes on.

I have always been active in sports back in high school and I know how strenuous it can be for someone with an injury, as I have had a few of my own. I also know Massage is very rewarding and beneficial to anyone who see his or her therapist regularly and stick to whatever at home care and exercise plan given by that therapist. I look forward to meeting you and helping you find that balance in life through therapeutic massage because, you can and should have a relaxed state of mind and body.